About Us

Neauxla Scrubs & Accessories is a medical apparel and accessory store established in 2021 by Antoine and Alexis Wesley, two New Orleans natives hence the name “Neauxla”. As a nursing student Alexis also has worked as nurse technician in the hospital setting, basically living in her scrubs. With another year and a half until graduation, from school to work, the need to purchase scrubs, shoes, and accessories has become a necessity. Also, as a tall, full-figured woman, these essential items weren’t always stylish, comfortable, fitting, or easy to find. Neauxla Scrubs hopes to change that for the next student, healthcare, or beauty professional.

Our mission is to provide quality, and comfortable scrubs from top brands to professionals of all sizes without sacrificing fit and style. We believe when you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good, you can focus on doing a good job